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Climate Normals (1991-2020)

Climate Normals (1991-2020)

Returns 30 year historical climate normals (averages) ranging from hourly to monthly intervals.

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This API returns 30 year historical climate normals ranging from hourly to monthly intervals. The data is derived from the ERA-5 9KM Re-analysis. With this API you can retrieve temporal averages for data from the past 30 years for fields including temperature, dew point, wind speed, precipitation, and snowfall. The spatial resolution of the data returned by the API is 9 kilometers. Users may choose either the default 2020 series (1991-2020 calculation), or the 2010 series (1981-2010 calculation). Includes the following data: month: Month of data point (1-12). day: Day of data point (1-31). hour: Hour of data point (0-23). temp: Average Temperature (C) max_temp: Maximum Temperature (C) min_temp: Minimum Temperature (C) dewpt: Average dew point (C) wind_spd: Average wind speed (m/s) max_wind_spd: Maximum wind speed (m/s) min_wind_spd: Minimum wind speed (m/s) wind_dir: Average wind direction (Degrees) precip: Precipitation (mm) snow: Snowfall (mm)

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