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Amazon reviews scraper logo

Amazon reviews scraper


Scrape Amazon product reviews for any given product by URL or ASIN.

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Trustpilot company pages logo

Trustpilot company pages


Collects data from Trustpilot business pages, including ratings, categories, emails, address, and other data.

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Trustpilot reviews scraper logo

Trustpilot reviews scraper


Returns reviews for any given business on Trustpilot.

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Tripadvisor Reviews logo

Tripadvisor Reviews


Returns reviews from Tripadvisor businesses.

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Google Maps reviews scraper logo

Google Maps reviews scraper


Returns Google Maps reviews for any given location. You can filter by dates, ratings, coordinates, and languages.

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Yelp reviews scraper logo

Yelp reviews scraper


Scrape reviews from Yelp businesses. You can filter by review dates, links to business profiles, or search terms.

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What can Reviews APIs be used for?

1. Monitor online reputation: Keep track of your business's online reputation by tracking reviews across different platforms. 2. Analyze customer feedback: Use natural language processing to analyze reviews and gain insights into customer sentiment and preferences. 3 Improve product or service offerings: Use feedback from reviews to improve your products or services and make data-driven decisions. 4. Benchmark against competitors: Compare your business's performance to competitors in the same industry by analyzing reviews.

What data can be accessed through Reviews APIs?

Reviews APIs typically provide access to data such as review text, ratings, dates, and user information from platforms like Yelp and Trustpilot.

Who uses Reviews APIs?

Reviews APIs are commonly used by businesses, marketers, and researchers who are interested in monitoring and analyzing customer feedback and sentiment on platforms such as Yelp and Trustpilot.