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College Football returning production

Retrieves returning production metrics for a given set of teams, seasons, and conferences. View the API details to learn more about returning production.

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Retrieves returning production metrics for a given set of teams, seasons, and conferences, including passing PPA, receiving PPA, rushing PPA.

About returning production

With College Football, high turnover is inherent to the nature of the sport. Players participate in a college program for a maximum of 4 years and therefore each player has a maximum lifetime at the team. Transfer windows (when a player transfers to another team/school)  and drafts exacerbate player turnover since many players don't stay at the school for a full 4 years.

When a team has high turnover, the team may not gel as well and new players can take additional time to learn the play style and tactics of the team, ultimately lowering the end production and performance of the team. The 'returning production' metric measures just that - how many players return for another season.

This API returns metrics associated with the returning production lens.

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