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The Ultimate Guide to marketing APIs without code.


by Cindy

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In today's digital age, marketers have access to an unprecedented amount of data that can help them target the right audience, craft personalized messages, and measure the impact of their campaigns. However, this wealth of information can be overwhelming, fragmented, and difficult to integrate.

At Databar.ai, we have curated a library of APIs that can help marketers in various ways, from prospecting and lead generation to email marketing and analytics. In this blog post, we will showcase the nine best APIs on Databar for marketers, and explain how you can use them to enhance your marketing efforts and achieve better results. Whether you are a small business owner or a seasoned marketer, these APIs can help you streamline your workflows, save time and resources, and ultimately, drive more revenue.

The APIs:

Diffbot API

The Diffbot API is a suite of products that allow users to extract and structure data from the web, including enriching organization and people data with additional information such as social media handles, revenue, locations, gender, and past work experience.

  1. Enrich organization data by name: Marketers can use this endpoint to gather data on companies based on their name, and use this information to identify potential partners, investors, or clients. Filter companies from your prospect list by their revenue as well.

  2. Enrich people data: Marketers can use this endpoint to enrich their customer or prospect data with additional information about the person, such as their social media handles, gender, age, locations, and past work experience. This can help them to personalize their marketing messages and target their campaigns more effectively.

Emailable API

The Emailable API is a platform that offers email verification, enrichment, and monitoring services, designed to ensure that content and information can securely reach the intended audience by providing reliable email verification and enrichment services.

  1. Verify Emails: Marketers can use Emailable's email verification service to ensure that their email list is accurate and up-to-date. This can help them to reduce bounce rates, improve deliverability, and avoid spam filters.

People Data Labs API

The People Data Labs API is a platform that stores data on 3 billion person profiles and 22 million company profiles, allowing users to access comprehensive data on people and companies for various purposes such as talent acquisition, fraud prevention, and lead generation.

  1. Person Enrichment by Social Profiles: This endpoint allows marketers to gather additional information on potential leads, which can be used to personalize outreach and improve conversion rates.

  2. Person Enrichment by Email: Marketers can verify and enrich their email lists, allowing them to target their campaigns to a more accurate and engaged audience.

iScraper API

The Scraper API is a tool that allows users to harvest public data from LinkedIn profiles, including regular profiles, company profiles, company employee lists, and LinkedIn search results.

  1. LinkedIn Profile Details: Marketing professionals can search for specific people or companies based on their search filters, such as industry, location, job title, etc. They can then use the LinkedIn profile details to get more information about the leads they find, such as their job experience, skills, and current position.

  2. LinkedIn Search Scraper: The LinkedIn search scraper endpoint can be used to conduct market research on a particular industry or market. By searching for companies or people within a specific industry or market, marketing professionals can gather information about trends, competitors, and potential customers.

Outscraper API

The Outscraper API is a data extraction and monitoring tool that provides access to public data sources like Google Maps, Google Search, Google Play Store, Yelp, Amazon, Facebook, and YouTube. It allows users to extract reliable and up-to-date information from these sources to monitor reviews for a business, create a local directory, find new clients, and more.

  1. Yelp Reviews Scraper: Marketers can use the Yelp reviews endpoint to monitor and analyze reviews for their business or their client's business, helping them identify areas for improvement and respond to negative reviews.

  2. Generate Leads from Google Maps: Marketers can quickly gather relevant leads based on their target market and location, saving time and effort on manual lead generation.

  3. Google Search Results Scraper: Marketers can use the Google Search endpoint to improve their SEO strategy. Analyze search results for target keywords and get insights into the content, keywords, and descriptions used by competitors.

  4. Amazon Reviews Scraper: Marketers can use the Amazon products/reviews endpoint to monitor their competitors' products and reviews. This can help them identify areas where they can differentiate themselves and improve their own products.

Intellizence API 

The Intellizence API provides market intelligence data about companies, including sales, growth, risk, distress signals, and industry trends. It allows users to track and monitor this data in real-time and can be used to power enterprise applications and data science models

  1. Company Layoffs: This endpoint can be leveraged by marketers to keep track of layoff activities of their competitors, clients, and prospects. This information can provide insights into potential business opportunities and challenges in the market.

  2. Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Tracker: This endpoint can help marketers keep track of M&A activities between specific dates, which can provide insights into industry trends and help identify potential acquisition targets or partnership opportunities.

Hacker News API

The Hacker News API is a public API that provides access to live data from the social news website Hacker News.

  1. Top Hacker News Stories: This endpoint can help identify popular trends and products, which can be used to inform content strategy or for market research purposes.

ProductHunt API

The Product Hunt API allows tech-enthusiasts to access the Product Hunt Platform's most recent and historic products, access data on users, makers, and hunters, and stay up to date on new launches. 

  1. Product Hunt Top Featured Posts: Marketers can monitor and analyze the top featured posts on Product Hunt to identify new product ideas and trends in their industry.

  2. See All Votes for a Product Hunt Post: Analyze the performance of your own products and those of their competitors on Product Hunt to conduct competitor analysis.

Clearbit API

The Clearbit API is a collection of APIs that provide data enrichment and insights for businesse, which includes the Person API, Company API, Enrichment API, and more. This can be used to obtain information about people, companies, and various other data points.

  1. Enrich Emails with Company and People Data: By inputting a list of email addresses, the endpoint can return data such as the person's name, position, and social media handles, as well as information about the company they work for. This can help marketers personalize their outreach and tailor their messaging to better resonate with their target audience. 

  2. Enrich Domains with Company Data: Marketers can gather information about a competitor's social media following and engagement metrics. Additionally, this endpoint can help marketers identify new leads and prospects by searching for companies in a specific industry or location.

Databar's library of APIs offers a powerful toolkit for marketers to optimize their strategies and stay ahead of the competition. By leveraging these insights, marketers can unlock new opportunities for growth, connect with their audience on a deeper level, and make more informed decisions. By incorporating Databar's APIs into your marketing strategy, you can take a data-driven approach that drives results and boosts ROI.

About Databar

Databar is a no-code API connector that can gather and enrich data in real time through a spreadsheet UI. The site currently has a rich library of APIs which allow you to gather competitive intelligence, fuel your marketing operations, and conduct research using real-time data, including SocialScrape. For more information, please visit databar.ai

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