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Scrape data Google Maps, SERP, Google Play Store, and many other websites

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Need to monitor reviews for a business on Yelp, create a local directory,  or find new clients for your company? Outscraper’s partnership with allows users to extract reliable, up-to-date information from practically any public data source such as Google Maps, Google Search, Google Play Store, Google Photos, Yelp, Amazon, Facebook, and Youtube. By accessing the data in this API, users will be able to access endpoints such as Yelp reviews, Amazon products/reviews, locations on Google Maps, and much more.

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All connectors that are currently available from Databar web scrapers.
Always-fresh data gathered in real-time
Data is gathered in real-time when you submit your request so results are always fresh and reliable.
GDPR Compliant
This tool only provides publicly available data on the internet. Both US and European law permits such data to be used for commercial purposes.
Millions of successful requests
Join thousands of happy customers who have scaled with our real-time data collection tools.
Data is gathered in real-time
All data is fresh and gathered in real-time so every lead list you download is up-to-date and valid.
No technical skills required
Databar is built for non-technical users and eliminates the need for a developer.
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