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How to Query CoinGecko API Without Code

Access live, in-depth data on crypto markets without writing a single line of code with


by David

The Coin Gecko API allows users to access live, reliable, in-depth data on crypto markets for free. In this article, we we will walkthrough the features of the Coin Gecko API and how to access this data without any technical knowledge.

Does Coin Gecko require authentication?

If you're looking for small tasks & automations, you can use the Coin Gecko API for free - however, you will have a limited number of available APIs at your disposal and there's a rate limit of 40-60 requests per minute. Through, you can use the Coin Gecko API for only 0.1 credit per query (Under our Lite plan, you can make 15,000 requests per month - sign up now).

What data does Coin Gecko offer?

Coin Gecko's API data allows users to gain deep insight into cyrpto markets through, thus allowing for smarter investment choices.

The Coin Gecko API offers the following endpoints:

  • Coin Price
  • Market Cap
  • Volume
  • Valuations
  • Price Changes
  • Circulating/Maximum Supplies
  • Public company holdings of cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptocurrency statistics & analysis

How to use the Coin Gecko API without code

For this example, we will be using the Coins Market Related Data API from Coin Gecko. Click the "Try Me" button on the top right of the screen to begin.

A tab should open up titled "New Table - Coins Market Related Data."

For this particular API, we'll be getting a list of coins with up-to-date data on their performance, market caps, and listings. You can sort results by market cap (ascending and descending), name, and rank. You can also filter results by specific categories (for example, cryptocurrencies that have something to do with analytics or big data).

Once you've filled out the parameters, select the number of results you want to retrieve. By default, 250 results are retrieved. 

Now click Run.

After clicking "Run," watch as your table gets populated with live data. Now, you can further customize your data by editing individual cells, adding filters, and adjusting columns. All of these changes will be saved automatically.



Pro tip: you can schedule this API request to run every hour, day, or week by clicking on the 'Automate' button in the side-bar. 


I got my dataset from Coin Gecko - what now?

Download your dataset directly using the 'CSV', 'XLSX', and 'Google Sheets' exporter, or connect to this table in, Google Sheets, or Python by clicking on the 'Stream' button! Model your data with's chart tool -- learn how to create charts with your datasets here.


That's it!

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