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Outscraper joins the Platform to Provide No-code access to Web-scrapers

Scrape Google Maps, SERP, Google Play Store, and many other websites without code.


by Databar

Web scraping is a software technique used to gather data and information from the web in a programmatic way. Companies use web scrapers to aggregate and compare product prices from all over the web in order to inform their pricing strategy, advertising bids, and product positioning. According to Market Research Future, the web scraping market brings in $1.1B in revenue each year and will grow 13.5% every year until 2027.

Large enterprises have especially good access to web scrpaers and online data sources, often employing professional data analysts, developers, and research teams to set up residential proxies, manage their scraping workflows, and then extract valuable insights from the data gathered.

However, smaller businesses - both online and offline - can really benefit from web scrapers. Restaurants can get data from Google Maps & Yelp to see how their location stacks up to the competition, hotels can track their performance in SEO and marketplaces to see if they can make improvements to their discoverability, and even auto dealers can track how car prices are trending in second-hand markets.

How do web scrapers work?

Web scraping is a difficult and tedious task, even if you know how to do it. To scrape a wesbite you must use a rotating residential proxy (a set of IP addresses used to prevent a scraper from being blocked), a pre-defined set of guidelines and code for the scraper to collect data, and a database to store the end result.

With simple websites, scraping is generally an easy task. The more straightforward and flat a website's structure is, the easier it is for a crawler to extract data. With websites like Google Maps, the App Store, and Google Photos, web scraping can be particularly difficult because the content is not as easy to retrieve and store. For example, if the website contains images, you need to store them somewhere when you scrape the site. In addition, the websites often use blockers which prevent web crawlers from accessing data on target pages.

What are scraping APIs?

Scraper APIs are pre-built web scrapers that handle most of the technical requirements needed to scrape a website. They have the residential proxies, code for extracting data, and other aspects baked in so a developer can simply make a request to the scraping API to complete a web scraping task for you.

What is Outscraper scraping API?

Outscraper is one of the the best scraping APIs which makes it much easier to scrape websites like Google Maps, Google Search, Google Play Store, Google Photos, Yelp, Amazon, Facebook, and Youtube without having to set up the scraping infrastructure that's normally required. Their pre-built infrastructure allows developers to customize how and when they want to scrape websites, while Outscraper takes care of the rest.

Making Outscraper available to non-developers

Outscraper is an extremely valuable tool if you know how to use it, and with you now no longer need any technical expertise to access Outscraper's API. Through this partnership, users can simply query Outscraper without code or an API key. Here's how it works:

  1. Search for one of Outscraper's APIs in the query builder or in the Databar Explore page.

  2. Open one of the resulting APIs in the query builder and enter a search query. Once you're done typing in your search query, click Run:

  3. Watch your table automatically get populated with live data.



Outscraper APIs available on


  • Yelp reviews scraper
    • Scrape reviews from Yelp businesses. You can filter by review dates, linkes to business profiles, or search by key word.



Emails & websites

  • Emails validator
    • Validate emails and check if an email is in blacklists, has a valid DNS and SMTP.
  • Website emails & contacts
    • Get email addresses, site data, and social links and phone numbers from any given domain.

All of the above APIs are available without code via the platform. Sign up today to get started for free.


About Outscraper


About is a no-code API platform that lets non-developers connect to any data API in under 3 clicks. The site currently has a rich library of datasets on finance, crypto, crime, and many others which can be accessed without a credit card or demos. is built for analysts, data scientists, and researchers, and allows users to automate and process data pulls without any technical expertise.


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