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Scrape news articles without code through the Connexun API

Stay up to date on relevant global news in any language you want.


by Databar

What is Connexun and how can I use it?

Connexun is an AI-powered News Intelligence platform and supports clients with its NLP enriched and structured news data via its APIs.  There is great value in transforming the world's news into real-time business insight; to identify and investigate risks and opportunities.

Connexun provides real-time, multilingual news updates from all over the world. Through proprietary text crawling, Connexun serves its clients by extracting multilingual, relevant, news headlines from over 20,000 trusted media sources across 240 countries.

Through Connexun’s available datasets, users are able to quickly access up-to-date, detailed raw data on top trending headlines regarding politics, finance, entertainment, sports, etc. filtered by your language, region, or subject of choice. 

The Connexun and Partnership is thrilled to be announcing a partnership with Connexun. By accessing the Connexun news database through, users will be able to access the Connexun News API and scrape thousands of international news content without any technical knowledge.

This allows users to:

  • Track real time trending global headlines
  • Filter news content through sentiment analysis
  • Follow multiple countries at once through Intercountry News API data
  • Filter news by point of interest (latitude and longitude and given radius)
  • Source through news headlines by keyword
  • Access relevant news in your language of choice

Using Connexun Without Code

You can access the following APIs through the integration with Connexun:

About Connexun

Connexun is an innovative tech startup based in Milano, Italy. Connexun crawls news content from tens of thousands of open web sources worldwide; turning unstructured web content into machine-readable news data APIs. Its AI powered news engine B.I.R.B.AL. empowers organizations to transform the world’s news into real-time business insight.

About is a no-code API platform that allows users to connect to their API of choice with no technical skills needed. Our product allows users to retrieve the data they need regarding stocks, crypto, current events, and so much more in just three clicks. Our service enables accessibility to datasets that would otherwise only be available to developers to data scientists, researchers, and analysts at an affordable cost. Learn more about our use cases by exploring our available datasets.

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