How to use the Twitter API without code

Connect to the Twitter API via without code.


by Databar

What is the Twitter API?

The Twitter API allows users to access Twitter data including tweets, likes, mentions, and profile information. This can allow you to track your business social media engagement, stay up to date with industry hot topics, and gain insight on target audiences. Keep reading to learn more about how to use's platform to access this data without any technical knowledge.

How Do I Access the Twitter API on

  1. Authorize the your account via 1-click OAuth (click on "Authorize on Twitter").

  2. Retrieve data: Once you're connected to the Twitter API, you can retrieve data from all Twitter endpoints. You can specify different parameters on the left of the screen such as keywords, usernames, locations, and date ranges to retrieve the data you need. In this example, we are searching for recent tweets regarding "crypto" by inputting it as a parameter. 

  3. Hit "Run" on the bottom left of your sheet, and watch your cells fill with data! Once you've retrieved the data, you can enrich your data through the enrichment tab on the right of your chart.

  1. Automate your data collection: You can also set up automated data collection, so you don't have to manually retrieve data every time. This can be scheduled to run at specific intervals, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date data. Click "Automate" on the left of your chart to set how you want your data to update.

  2. Model the data: Take your data analysis a step further and create visualizations via the "Visualize" tool on the top right of your chart, which you can also access here.

Endpoints by Twitter

Search Recent Tweets

This API endpoint allows you to search for recent tweets on Twitter by providing a query term. It returns a list of tweets that match the search criteria, including information such as the user who posted the tweet, the text of the tweet, and the date it was posted.

Twitter Users Lookup by Username

Retrieve information about a specific Twitter user by providing their username. It returns information such as the user's profile information, tweets, followers, and friends. It also allows you to look up multiple users in a single request by providing a list of usernames.

Profiles That Liked a Tweet

Retrieve information about the users who liked a specific tweet by providing the tweet's ID. It returns a list of user profiles, including information such as their username, name, and profile picture.

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