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How to get the data you need with Linkedin email extractor - Databar

Unlock the power of Linkedin with Databar's email extractor to access key contact information


by Databar

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for professional connections, but finding the right email addresses can often be a challenge. This is where Databar's LinkedIn Email Extractor, powered by the API can help.

In this guide, we'll walk you through how this Databar integration can help streamline your email discovery process, making it more efficient and hassle-free.

How to Use the Email Extractor Integration on Databar:

  1. Begin by trying the LinkedIn Finder endpoint via the API.

  2. Enter the url of the LinkedIn profile you need to get the Email.

  3. Click "Run" and watch your row fill with data, including the email of the LinkedIn user!

To simplify your email extraction process and explore the possibilities, visit today. Unlock the potential of LinkedIn data with Databar's efficient extraction tool, empowering your outreach efforts with accuracy and simplicity.

About Databar

Databar is a no-code API connector designed to collect and enhance real-time data seamlessly within a spreadsheet interface. With an extensive library of APIs, the platform enables users to acquire competitive intelligence, drive marketing operations, and conduct research using up-to-the-minute data, including the powerful SocialScrape. Explore more at for additional details.


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