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Easy to use chrome scraper - Databar

Elevate your research game with's seamless data extraction solution


by Databar

Gathering essential information from the web's wide array of sources seems like a daunting task for individuals and businesses looking to seek valuable information. However, many existing web scraping solutions demand complex setups and specialized technical knowledge, creating a barrier for business users who could greatly benefit from streamlined scraping tools.

That is why Databar is excited to discuss our Chrome extension—an exciting addition to our suite of tools designed to simplify the web scraping process for users of all technical backgrounds. With this powerful extension, you can effortlessly gather data from any website without the need for coding skills or extensive technical know-how. The Databar Chrome extension seamlessly integrates with Databar tables, providing a comprehensive solution for data collection, enrichment, and visualization.

Key Features of Databar's Chrome Scraper:

  1. No Code, No Problem: No coding or technical skills are required, allowing users to navigate through the scraping process with ease.
  2. Seamless Integration with Databar Tables: Enhance your data collection capabilities by seamlessly sending extracted data to Databar tables. This integration streamlines the workflow, ensuring a smooth transition from scraping to data enrichment and visualization.

  3. Enrich Data with Third-Party Sources: Databar goes beyond simple scraping by allowing users to enrich their collected data with third-party sources. Easily augment your dataset with additional information from our many integrations, providing a more comprehensive and insightful analysis.

  4. Create Embeddable Visualizations: Take your data a step further by generating embeddable visualizations directly within Databar with our graph creation tool. Transform raw information into clear, interactive visuals that enhance your understanding and facilitate efficient communication of insights.

How to Access the Databar Chrome Extension:

  1. Install the Databar Google Chrome extension.
  2. Select the Databar logo located at the upper part of your Google Chrome browser and choose "New job."

  3. Utilize the "New column" button to pick the specific value you wish to extract from the page.

  4. Save your selection by clicking on the checkmark. For additional columns or values, repeat steps 3 and 4.

  5. Complete the scraping process by clicking "View results."

  6. Download or send the obtained data to your Databar workspace as desired.

Unlock the potential of effortless web scraping with the Databar Chrome extension. With the user-friendly steps detailed above, you can swiftly gather data from any webpage in just seconds. This tool is a revolutionary asset for businesses heavily dependent on data-driven decision-making, conducting market research, and securing a competitive edge in their industry. Don't miss the opportunity to explore its capabilities – it's available for free! Dive into a new era of streamlined data extraction by checking it out  here!

About Databar

Databar is a no-code API connector that can gather and enrich data in real time through a spreadsheet UI. The site currently has a rich library of APIs which allow you to gather competitive intelligence, fuel your marketing operations, and conduct research using real-time data, including SocialScrape. For more information, please visit

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